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The PALMAP project is aimed at developing innovative solutions from a variety of spatial imaging sources for palm plantation managers in southern countries.

The spatial data currently available, whether from drones or satellites, offers a wealth of information to support decision-making and plantation management, especially regarding crop monitoring and the detection and interpretation of anomalies. However, given the complexity of the appearance of vegetation in the images, the classification and segmentation of the trees is still generally carried out manually, based on field surveys and photo-interpretation.

 L’Avion Jaune combines different sources of spatial data, whether from drones or satellites, and uses different image-processing algorithms (deep-learning, segmentation) to offer automated applications suited to routine production.

The objective is to develop tools that are appropriate to the economic and production realities of the operators, from counting palm trees and detecting changes in protected areas right through to identification of growth anomalies.

This project receives funding from the BPI.