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Acquiring, producing and using aerial imagery demands very specialized know-how and L’Avion Jaune is expert in passing this knowledge on. We offer theoretical and practical drone piloting courses, as well as courses in image processing, with experienced instructors.

L’Avion Jaune is a DIRECCTE-registered training entity. For our drone training courses, we have submitted a declaration of activity as an instruction provider to the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) and this is activity is declared in our MAP (Special Activities Manual). We regularly act as instructors on academic training courses and in research bodies (IRSTEA, IRD, CNRS, etc).

Training modules :

  • Custom tailored course duration and programme according to intended audience and training objectives,
  • Session dates agreed jointly with the organization,
  • Training certificate and remote pilot progress booklet delivered on completion of the course,
  • Instructors with confirmed professional experience and qualifications required under current legislation,
  • In-house training for businesses (groups of 2–10),
  • L’Avion Jaune has premises for theoretical and practical training and can provide multi-rotor drones,
  • Pricing depending on number of participants, type of programme and course duration.

UAV pilot

What are the steps in flight preparation? How do you create favourable conditions for image acquisition?

  • UAV piloting (scenarios S1, S2, S3),
  • Preparation for photogrammetric or lidar missions,
  • Regulations, procedures and air safety,
  • Preparation for professional practice in compliance with current French Civil Aviation Authority legislation.

Image processing

How do you pre-process images and transform them into a magnificent, seamless mosaic as convincing as a real map? How do you create 3D models from photogrammetric or lidar data?

  • Basics of photogrammetry,
  • Remote sensing basics,
  • Extracting information from images,
  • Geographic information system,
  • Producing and exploiting lidar data.